Hai Phong

Where is Hai Phong city located?

Apollo Hai Phong: Teach English in Hai Phong cityHai Phong (occasionally Haiphong) city is an attractive coastal city in the north of Vietnam located near the Halong Bay attraction. Hai Phong is the largest seaport in the region and is the country's hub for maritime activities. The weather is a good mix of the seasons with plenty of sunshine during the warmer summers and a break from the heat with cooler winters.

Teach at Apollo Hai Phong

Apollo Hai Phong: Teach English in Hai Phong cityApollo Hai Phong caters mostly to young learners, teaching almost twice as many in comparison to their adult students. So there is plenty of opportunity to influence the bright futures of Apollo students and work with older, more experienced people too.


Places to visit after work

Apollo Hai Phong: Teach English in Hai Phong cityThere are plenty of things to occupy you when you are not teaching, such as a round of golf, swimming pools, gyms, pool halls, restaurants, bars, and coffee houses which provide a great standard of living for those who live in Hai Phong.

One of the main benefits of living in Hai Phong is its location, as it is about 20 minutes from Do Son Beach. Perhaps, the biggest attraction is Halong Bay for its amazing scenery, caves, and outstanding rock formations and islands. Only one and a half hours away, it’s certainly a great place to spend some of your leisure time. Cat Ba Island will also provide you with wildlife, exploration and relaxation as it is home to a national park and beaches. For another short trip away, you can come and visit your friends at Apollo in Hanoi, and see one of Vietnam’s most famous cities.

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