Living in Vietnam

Living In Vietnam Living in Vietnam will provide you with a fascinating and unique experience. If you are looking for a country that can offer beautiful scenery, animated cities, stunning beaches and plenty of history and culture then look no further.

Vietnam has many opportunities to experience a captivating lifestyle and Apollo can offer you the chance to pursue your English teaching career in four of Vietnam’s most beautiful and vibrant locations; Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Living In VietnamVietnam culture is distinctive and festivals and celebrations are done in style. During Tet, the celebration of the Lunar New Year, the streets are filled with flowers, lanterns and beautiful decorations and people gather from far and wide to join in with the festive spirit. Also in Hoi An (a UNESCO Heritage site) close to Da Nang, the lights are turned off for the Lantern Festival, where the beautiful old colonial town is lit up by the glowing of lanterns along the river.

As well as the numerous sights, trips and activities you can enjoy, Vietnam living provides many privileges such as shopping, dining in restaurants, upbeat nightlife, excellent amenities - such as cinemas, museums and theatres - and easy access to the Southeast Asian region.

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