Pay and Benefits


Our talented teachers’ efforts are recognised throughout Apollo and we take pride in rewarding these efforts. This includes a competitive salary and other benefits.

Teachers earn a comfortable income in Vietnam, which covers the cost of living while providing additional disposable income to explore the region. At the beginning, pay and responsibility are linked to the level of experience. 

Other English teacher benefits include paid annual leave, paid sick leave, paid national holidays, a contract completion and resigning bonus and medical insurance. Additionally, teachers are given a training stiped which can be applied to professional development, such as those offered at the staff rate through the International House World Organization.

In particular, Apollo assists newcomers to Vietnam and the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) career through a mentoring system. This pairs a new teacher with a long-term member of the teaching staff and new teachers benefit from their personal knowledge and experience of living and working in Vietnam. 


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